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Come see the Beyond Plastics Greater Seattle Booth this coming weekend (August 6th and 7th) at Magnolia Summerfest! Stop by and grab one a mug from the Magnolia Coffee Cup Lending Library before you pick up your morning espresso, Frappuccino or Boba Tea!

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Finding ways to restore and sustain this beautiful planet of ours through grass roots and personal consumption efforts

A proud member of the Greater Plastics Organization! Welcome, members!

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Though our viewing opportunity of “The Story of Plastic” is nearly over, we DID capture the recording of our follow-up Speaker’s Panel.

We heard from:

Jenny Davies political science degree from Duke University (1981), an MD and an MPH from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1990), and a JD in environmental law from Lewis & Clark Law School

Dana Ripper wildlife ecologist based in central Missouri.  She is the co-founder and executive director of the Missouri River Bird Observatory, a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of birds, all wildlife, and their habitats.

Ben Schleifer EDC Food Program Director – Center for Environmental Health

You can watch the recording of this VERY informative Speaker’s Panel here.

Event stats:

62 Requests to watch the Movie

55 Flyers handed out

15 Panel Attendees

I’m pooped! But so glad we did this.

The $49 Item that Helped Me Reduce My Trash By 75%

For the last 2 years, my family and I have been able to fit a years’ worth of plastic into this garbage container, and you can do it too. These consumption makeovers are light on the planet, good for the soul and rich in quality family time (a three-fer!).

21 Days to Form a Habit: Choices and Habits are Powerful Things…

UPDATE: 85% of our waste is plastic waste. Learned recently that the rate of recycling plastic is actually closer to 5-6%, not the formerly thought 9% statistic (that is already quite dismal).