The Story of Plastic – Speaker’s Panel Recording

The #storyofplastic is the story BIG PLASTIC does not want you to see. Even though watching together in person is a challenge, we can still flatten the curve and be together virtually. Beyond Plastics Greater Seattle is hosted the streaming link through 8/1 AND hosted a follow up Speaker’s and Q&A Panel on 7/31@1pm PST.

Thanks to all who joined us for this event! We can no longer show the film, but you can view our speaker’s panel session here.


Ben Schleifer, Food Coordinator, Center for Environmental Health (CEH), over six years of experience working as a science educator in public schools and four years of experience working on environmental transformation of schools’ cafeterias.

Jenny Davies, CafCu Public and Environmental Health Director, lives in Portland, Oregon. She received a political science degree from Duke University (1981), an MD and an MPH from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1990), and a JD in environmental law from Lewis & Clark Law School (2021).  She researches, writes, and speaks about the need to think differently about plastic: a chemically and biologically active substance that poses an existential threat to our species and to all species on the planet.

Dana Ripper, Wildlife Ecologist, Biology BA is based in central Missouri.  She is the co-founder and executive director of the Missouri River Bird Observatory, a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of birds, all wildlife, and their habitats.  MRBO employs science, education, and policy advocacy to achieve its conservation mission.  The crisis of plastic production and pollution is one of MRBO’s three key advocacy issues.  Dana is a graduate of the Beyond Plastic Pollution course at Bennington College and is a trained plastic educator with the Beyond Plastics Volunteer Speakers Bureau.   MRBO is an official member of the Beyond Plastics affiliate network.  Dana has a BA in Biology from North Central College (1999) and an MS in Wildlife Ecology from Arkansas State University at Jonesboro (2002). 

Please forward to your communities. #storyofplastic #breakfreefromplastic #beyondplasticsgreaterseattle #BeyondPlastics

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