Pads. Period.

I no longer need them, but I’ve got a couple of incredible growing  girls that do/will!  Thankfully, we have options!  Commercially produced sanitary pads have some bold promises, but these features are backed by a toxic cocktail of harmful chemicals that impact the earth and air as pointed out in this article:

“The plastic layer which is used to make a disposable sanitary pad stain-free and the chemicals used in producing it get further transferred between soil, water and air..”

Here is a list of sanitary napkin alternatives ranked by choice:

1. Sea sponges.  I know, right?!  WTF?!   But yes, they can serve as an effective absorbing mentrual tool.  PROS: natural, about as zero-wastey as you can get!   A few snips for comfort and you’re off to the races!  Last as long as a tampon.  CONS: No string, so much squat to remove or sew on a loop of cotton thread.  Removal at work is tricky… must have a baggie to place it in or sink to rinse.  I’ve done both!  Cleaning these with peroxide between use is EXTREMELY important and  hydrogen peroxide, to my knowledge, only comes in plastic bottles.  🥺😢😭  Get more info here.

2. Thinx  My best girlfriend asked me if I’d heard of these today. I had not! Fast forward 45 minutes later and I have an order for three pair for my oldest. Excited to check these out! The absorbent pad is built right into the underwear! There are all kinds of different styles and even different colors.  The reviews are incredible! Check them out! PROS/CONS: We’ll let you know!

3. Cloth pads: We purchased Wegreeco Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads. PROS: Not plastic! Cool designs!  Can use them over and over!  Easier on your body… no chemicals from pads touching your body.  CONS: Washing on the road is not easy!  My DD got her period the day we left for our road trip! 😬

4. Diva cup: I purchased this awhile back and it didn’t work for me.   I like the idea, but it popped out pretty easily.   If you’ve used one and have had a good experience, I’d love to hear about it!

I believe the Thinx will be a game changer for us.   DD is looking forward to trying these out!

Below: Our last “pad dash.”




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