Ovens and the “M” before the Rs: Maintain

There are other Rs, and even an “M” before “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”: Maintain Repair Refurbish After reading about the Circular Diagram published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, I decided to give “maintain” a shot. Every time I cooked on high level broil, our beloved “Ovey” would short and completely power off. I contacted aContinue reading “Ovens and the “M” before the Rs: Maintain”

Goal accomplished: Only 20 gallons of plastic in 2019!!

Happy New Year!   I am happy to report I did it – I managed to get through the year using just 20 gallons of plastic!   What does 20 gallons of plastic look like? Like this: That’s IT.   One ENTIRE year of plastic fit into that little trash bin!  You can’t imagine howContinue reading “Goal accomplished: Only 20 gallons of plastic in 2019!!”