Back in 2019, at the onset of China Sword, I decided to limit our single-use plastic purchases for a year, as a New Year’s resolution, and haven’t looked back. I’m grateful for my ride on this beautiful planet, and I’m doing everything I can to help her heal and grow. Mother Earth is in dire straits, and she needs ALL of us to pull together.  If you’d like to engage in some of our efforts to put an END to plastic pollution, find us on Facebook: Beyond Plastics Greater Seattle.    This Saturday, 10am, there’s an introductory Zoom meeting introducing the group and some of the efforts we’ll be engaging in.  Truly, no effort is too small.   We’ll be working on some efforts I’ve NOT tried before (constituent meetings, press conferences, rallies, education and outreach events), and I can use all the help I can get!   Can you carry a sign?  ✅.   Good artist?✅  Want to learn more about avoiding plastic on your next shopping trip? ✅  Interested in signing a petition or doing a waste audit on your family’s trash in an effort to incite EPR (extended producer responsibility? ✅  Interested in ideas or getting help to hold a zero waste event?  ✅  Skilled writer or communicator? ✅  Master at spreadsheets and databases? ✅  Tired of feeling overwhelmed and having nothing to do about it? ✅  This is the group for you!  You’ll learn and feel comfortable stepping in where you can.  Heck… you might even surprise yourself and do more than you thought you ever could, with like-minded folks that want to make a difference as well. ❤