Why refuse to use plastic anything?

1. It’s getting hot.  I rent my basement and for about a week last summer it was tough for my kids and I to get a good night’s sleep.   Since our basement is currently rented, we are unable to escape the heat down there (and hey, we’re Seattlelites, so no AC either).  How hot has it gotten since you were born?  Read this NYT article to find out.  Plastic consists of oil and other toxins.  If we need to curb our dependence on fossil fuels to cool down the planet, we’ve got to curb our dependence on plastic too.

2. Marine life.  There’s proof that marine life from whales all the way down to phytoplankton are mistakenly choosing plastic materials  to nourish themselves and their young.   And it’s not working out so well.  

3. Food contamination.  Whatever the marine life in our oceans eat will eventually travel up the food chain onto our plates (if you’re eating seafood).

4. Unexplored toxicity in plastic resins.  Think your food is safe in its plastic container?  Think again.     Ever drank water from a water bottle that’s been sitting in your car for awhile?  If it tastes funny, plastic particles are definitely leaching into the water and you shouldn’t be drinking it.  This kind of thing doesn’t seem to occur in glass or aluminum and it makes sense because these materials are more stable.   Says smallfootprintfamily.com: “Because the toxins in plastic can cause health problems, it is important to avoid containers that leach chemicals like BPA, phthalates, lead and antimony into your food, water and the environment.  Click to learn 20 ways to do it.”

My teens and I have been trying to figure out the sanitization of their reusable pads on our trip.  Let me tell you it hasn’t been fun.  But we’re getting through it, learning from it, and all the reasons above make the work so easy.  It’s the least we can do.

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Myself and my half-full glass accept toppers and help saving the planet!

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