Whipped Cream

Whipped cream.  Indispensable and therefore, worthy of  finding a good Earth friendly solution! Whether you’re helping reduce your carbon footprint by going vegan or not, there are dairy and dairy-free ways to mitigate plastic consumption when you have dessert! Dairy: Good: aluminum cans w plastic cap can be recycled. Better: whipped cream in cartons or…

The Story of Plastic – Speaker’s Panel Recording

The #storyofplastic is the story BIG PLASTIC does not want you to see. Even though watching together in person is a challenge, we can still flatten the curve and be together virtually. Beyond Plastics Greater Seattle is hosted the streaming link through 8/1 AND hosted a follow up Speaker’s and Q&A Panel on 7/31@1pm PST.…

Wenatchee Zero Waste

When I had my home audited a couple of years ago, one of the biggest pieces of advice I received from Balderston Associates, commercial and residential sustainability consulting firm (quite good), was to limit my air travel. WHAT!?! I love to travel! How could I possibly tame my wanderlust? But cut back I must. Up…


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A Zero Waste Adventure to Wenatchee!
About Me

We are all impacted by climate change and plastic pollution. Finding solutions for the latter of the two targets 11 of the 17 SDGs, more than any other sustainability cause I know of. Plastic pollution doesn’t just impact our environment, it impacts the impoverished communities that live near the biochemical plants (Cancer Alley) that manufacture them, it impacts our wildlife and like it or not, it impacts US. Plastic has breached the blood brain barrier, and new research findings show evidence of plastic in meconium (aka: baby feces). So no joke – this s*&t is everywhere. Banding together to impact change at the legislative and grass roots level could be some of the most important work we ever do. On a personal level, I’d like to one day in the hopefully very distant future that I did everything I possibly could to insure intergenerational justice. That’s truly all the incentive I need. Hope you’ll join me. It can be overwhelming, but the good news is we have LOTS of opportunities to impact change. From your next shopping choice to proposals of bills and laws. My goal is to help you navigate this journey, teach you what I know, and work to unite and coordinate our awesome abilities to impact change.

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