Plants and soil

I have a couple of gardening goals this year:

1. Replace the potted plants I killed last year

2. Declare war on my dandelions.

These projects require potted plants and soil, and both of these items come packaged in:

P   L   A   S   T  I  C  !  !  !

What’s a person to do?  Let’s talk about that.

Potted plant options:

1. Get plant starts from a friend who enjoys gardening

2. Buy a larger plant… they are sometimes sold in nice porcelain or terra cotta pots or have their roots wrapped in burlap.

✅3.  Start plants from seed!   This method is the most time-consuming, but let me tell you.  I’ve bonded with these little seedlings!

Soil options:

1. Find out if a Local zoo or farm gives away animal poop

✅2. Find out if there’s a place nearby that sells dirt and ground filler by the bucket or truckload.

I filled 3 large buckets with type 2 topsoil, and it was a bit of work moving them from the car to the shed (and I won’t talk about how one of the buckets tipped over and  now there’s dirt  all over my car)!!

So…. work?  Yes.  But rewarding and excellent way to increase one’s heart rate!

The folks at Ballard  Dirt  Exhange were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful as could be!


Terra cotta and metal are gentler on the planet than plastic pots.  You can go a step further and pick out some used pots at a thrift store.  Frankly, I’m always looking for a reason to stop at my local Goodwill!

So…. work?

Yes. But I rate this project high on the adventure and exercise scale Added bonus: Now I know where to go for all of my topsoil needs.  Planting all of my new plants from seed will be kind of a pain, but I’m willing to learn and will continue to look for Earth-friendly alternatives.


PS: Added bonus!!  My search for a salt and pepper shaker has finally come to an end, thanks to my Goodwill pot run (plant pots, silly!)… doesn’t get much better than these.  Added bonus: there’s still pepper in the toast, LOL!!

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