Best: Bamboo Switch! Purchased from Tacoma Soap Distillery!

My favorite floss option yet! Reusable bamboo floss container, just thread it through, and away you go! The store is actually called the Tacoma Soap REFILLERY, not distillery, but I can’t figure out how to edit it above. Perhaps it’s just as well because I got your attention! 😀

Pretty Dan good: Dental floss containers are troublesome because they too have a number of various plastic parts within the floss container that are likely NOT the same grade of plastic.  Thus, most of these containers are tossed into the trash heap.   I have been using Dental Lace for the past year with mixed success.  The floss is biodegradable, but breaks easily while I floss my teeth.  I would say I can go without the floss breaking every other session of flossing. The container is gorgeous! It’s glass with a nice design on the outside. However, I believe the label is a non-recyclable sticker.  I have tried the regular dental lace product as well as a charcoal floss.  I have noticed the charcoal floss is slightly stronger.

Last weekend I found this floss and was pleased until I found out HOW DIFFICULT it is to compost corn/plant-based packaging. It truly depends on where you live. Luckily for us here in Seattle, the Cedar Grove treatment plant CAN compost corn/bio packaging. Many other places aren’t as lucky. Check with your municipal waste collection center. If your garbage collector doesn’t compost this material, it’s a hassle. This floss is made of bamboo and the container is corn-based. Every choice you make in favor of the planet will make an impact.

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