Colored Markers

It may be awhile before they come out with bamboo or cardboard markers, but fear not!  Terracycle can recycle your “dead” – ANY dead colored marker, pen cap, etc.!   Let me tell you, with two busy artists on my hands, I’ve got PLENTY of those!

The TerraCycle site gives you a couple of options, typically.   You can find a location in your town or neighborhood that has a collection box (the kind you’re interested in using), or you can buy your own.   They are not cheap.   But look at the alternative.   Chances are the infrastructure in your city or town isn’t as sophisticated as what Terracycle has going on.   Basically, you have 3 choices:

  1. Do as you’ve always done and send your sh*t to the landfill.
  2. Try to find someone in your area that has a colored pens terracycle box that will let you dispose of your plastic pens there.
  3. Buy your OWN plastic pens collection box from Terracycle and start collecting!
  4. Stop buying plastic felt pens OR find a pen company that will refill the pen ink cartridges.

Of these options, with two active artists, I chose option 3.  Worth the investment.   If I am going to consume these hard to recycle plastic pens, it’s up to me to take responsibility for proper disposal of them.

TerraCycle Pen Recycling

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Myself and my half-full glass accept toppers and help saving the planet!

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