Whipped Cream

Whipped cream.  Indispensable and therefore, worthy of  finding a good Earth friendly solution!

Whether you’re helping reduce your carbon footprint by going vegan or not, there are dairy and dairy-free ways to mitigate plastic consumption when you have dessert!

Good: aluminum cans w plastic cap can be recycled.
Better: whipped cream in cartons or glass bottles with a small plastic cap.  Caps are too small to be recycled and even if they were, 80% of them would not be recycled at all – they’d end up in the dump and take 1,000s of years to decompose, belching methane with all the other garbage as they did.
Best: Homemade whip made from a carton WITHOUT a plastic cap.  I have always felt homemade whipped cream tasted better than any store-bought frozen whipped cream.   It doesn’t keep too well, but it’s vegan counterpart sure does! Keep reading…

Vegan: Both of these vegan whipped cream options come from cans which makes them a superior option!

Best: Coconut vegan whipped cream.  You can purchase coconut that’s extra creamy from McCann, refrigerated overnight, scrape out with solidified on top of the can, stick it in a mixer w a few other ingredients, and VOILA!  I love coconut vegan whipped cream!


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