TLDR: Stay away from teflon waffle irons. Purchase cast iron. Healthier, and built to last. I found a cool one on Etsy.

We are a waffle loving family. Our waffle iron was electric, worked fine, but I eventually took it my favorite e-recycler 1 Green Planet because the griddle was caked with filth, difficult to clean and the final straw was the Teflon coating. It was beginning to effect the taste of our waffles and I had enough.

I decided I needed a better solution. One that could be cleaned in the sink and didn’t bear any Teflon. I’ve been getting into cast-iron lately, and decided to see if such an item existed in cast iron. Boy did it!!! Not only did I find a cast iron waffle iron free of wires I could wash, but I found an antique heart shaped waffle iron, circa 1930’s, from a French farmhouse!! The woman who sold the iron remembered her grandmother cooking with it in the fireplace!!

It also has two long metal handles I can remove for efficient storage. I have kept them on and love the way it looks hanging from my pot rack!

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