Protein Powder, etc. .

You can find protein powder bulk! Remember to bring paper bags, otherwise you’ll be using their film plastic bulk bags. It’s easy to purchase paper lunch sacks right from Winco, or bring your own smallish paper bags from home. Some store will offer customers smaller paper bags near the mushrooms.

  • Vegan Protein powder: you can find this at Winco.
  • Whey Protein Powder: you can purchase this at PCC as well as Winco.
  • PB Powder: Winco also carries this – great and tasty additional source of protein.
  • Chia seeds can be found at MOST bulk food places and are a great vegan protein source.
  • Shelled Hemp Seeds are another great vegan protein source and can be found at Winco.

Context + more info:

When a friend told me the single biggest impact I could have on my carbon footprint was to adopt a vegan lifestyle, I sat up and begrudgingly paid attention.  He’d told me – simply – that eating a hamburger would have a greater impact on the planet than driving a Humvee around for a week.  I was shocked and deftly changed my eating habits.   Enter Vega Organic Protein Powder… my favorite vegan protein supplement that happens to come in a gigantic plastic container!   It’s plastic-free 2019 and I must bid this friend adieu.

Vegan food options can be a challenge because so many vegan protein sources are wrapped in plastic (tofu, seitan, field roast sausages), but I’ve finally found some great plastic-free alternatives!

1. Bulk Vegan Protein Powder at PCC or Winco.

Hard to believe they have this, but they DO!! PCC (Washington State) also has a soy and dairy alternative. Highly recommend the vegan/pea protein first, then soy and finally the dairy version, hence the recommendation above to go vegan as much as possible. If you go this route, make sure you:

  • Skip the plastic bulk food bags by purchasing paper lunch bags, or using a paper bag from your produce department or deli. Paper bags are typically kept on hand for mushrooms.
  • Write the bulk food number on the bag with a pen. I recommend bringing a sharpie along for the trip… easier to write on the bag (I keep forgetting mine, ha!).
  • Once you’ve transported your protein powder into your sustainable container at home (like a cleaned out spaghetti jar), reuse the paper bag if it’s not too nasty. I have reused mine 3-4 times, depending on what I use to transport.
“Imagine if everyone did (brought their own containers or bags for bulk items) this when they shopped… we’d be a lot better off!”

– Cashier, Ballard Market, WA

2. Chocolate Magic, PlanetProtein:

Thanks to the handy “plastic-free discussion board” on, I’ve found an alternative, but have yet to receive my shipment! In PlanetProtein’s defense, I think they were low on supplies. Stay tuned (2/2019)!

Comes in a bamboo bag and even includes a bamboo serving spoon!

I’m not a big fan of chocolate powder, but my options are limited so I’m diving in.

3. Shelled hemp seeds.

Tasty nutty flavor and a nutritional power house! Great in smoothies.

4. Chia seeds.

Must try. Another nutritionally-packed power house! Add 1/2 cup of your favorite milk alternative to 3T of chia seeds, let it sit 8-10 mins and discover an incredibly healthy pudding-like snack!

5. Flax seed.

Also great in smoothies and YET ANOTHER nutritional power house!

6. Make your own vegan protein patties. These take some time, but  a good option if you’re so inclined!

5. Eat out! I dig the Happy Cow app for finding great vegan and vegetarian options in my area.

Have any other suggestions for plastic-free vegan protein options?  I’d love to hear all about them!

Bon appetite!

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