Drive-Thru Tips for Reducing Unnecessary Plastic

There are several ways you could approach this, and it’s important to tackle because though Drive-thrus are convenient, they are VERY tough on the environment from a packaging AND emissions perspective if you drive a combustion engine and leave the engine running while you wait in line.  

Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Ask if they have any plastic-free packaging options as you’re trying to reduce. 
  2. Ask them to “skip the stuff” – no utensils or condiments.  Remind them often because they are likely on autopilot.  Not a slight, I run on autopilot too!  Reminders are helpful.  
  3. Ask them to put the condiments DIRECTLY on your food (ie, ketchup DIRECTLY on your fries), or leave them out (skip the stuff).  
  4. Go into the store with your own take out containers and cups and order from the counter.  
  5. If you want to get more active, send the store a letter.  Let me know if you need help. 
  6. Always bring your own straws and cutlery.  
  7. Bring your own napkins.   We have old washcloths in our car that are there all the time.  
  8. Call ahead and find out whether they have compostable containers or you can bring your own.   The nearby Pagliacci’s, Sushi, Thai, Teriaki and Mexican restaurants in my neighborhood all support me bringing my own containers.   I will walk there, order, then supply the containers for the food I’ve ordered.  I bring an assortment based on my order (including small condiment containers) and they kindly support me.  Reminders help… I sometimes end up with a soy sachet stuffed into my rice.  
    9. Talk about what you’re doing.  When I order, I like to mention I’m saving the planet one meal at a time, or that I am salvando a las tortugas, and people are overwhelmingly supportive.  They get it.   

    BEST TAKE OUT RESTAURANTS W COMPOSTIBLE STUFF:  Taco Time, Dick’s Drive In (Seattle area).  

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