My mission

Every year I like to set big bold New Years’ Resolutions. I mean – goals that seem impossible and really put the fright in me!

I’ve been enjoying a couple of books recently by the inspirational Hal Elrod: The Miracle Equation and The Miracle Morning.  Each book has tremendous advice for making your way, first thing each morning, to realizing your potential and your loftiest dreams.  This brings me to my latest share: my mission.  It scares me to share this with you because it’s very personal. It also brings me joy because I look forward to the day with great excitement that these things come to pass (tips, inspiration thoughts and advice please share!).   Until that time, I hope you enjoy my blog and invite you to join me on this journey!  Every decision to forego plastic, regardless of how small, can make a difference. ♥️

My mission:

  • To inspire 3 Billion People to live more sustainably.  
  • To work as a Sustainability and Change Management professional to help companies find ways eliminate their plastic waste and decrease their CO2 footprint by 50%.


Big? Yes.
Bold? Yes.
But wasn’t it the great Michael Jordan who said “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”?   Actually, it’s a Zig Zigler quote, but I think Michael, at some point, said something like that.   So I’m going with it!    NOW is a great place to begin! 

Last summer  I found this item stuck to the wall of my basement during a remodel.  I’m taking it as a sign it’s time to start taking some shots. 🌏♥️

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Myself and my half-full glass accept toppers and help saving the planet!

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