Protein Powder: update!


When a friend told me the single biggest impact I could have on my carbon footprint was to adopt a vegan lifestyle, I sat up and begrudgingly paid attention.  He’d told me – simply – that eating a hamburger would have a greater impact on the planet than driving a Humvee around for a week.  I was shocked and deftly changed my eating habits.   Enter Vega Organic Protein Powder… my favorite vegan protein supplement that happens to come in a gigantic plastic container!   It’s plastic-free 2019 and I must bid this friend adieu.😞

Vegan food options can be a challenge because so many vegan protein sources are wrapped in plastic (tofu, seitan, field roast sausages), but I’ve finally found some great plastic-free alternatives!

1. Bulk Vegan Protein Powder at PCC or Winco.

Hard to believe they have this, but they DO!! PCC (Washington State) also has a soy and dairy alternative. Highly recommend the vegan/pea protein first, then soy and finally the dairy version, hence the recommendation above to go vegan as much as possible. If you go this route, make sure you:

  • Skip the plastic bulk food bags by purchasing paper lunch bags, or using a paper bag from your produce department or deli. Paper bags are typically kept on hand for mushrooms.
  • Write the bulk food number on the bag with a pen. I recommend bringing a sharpie along for the trip… easier to write on the bag (I keep forgetting mine, ha!).
  • Once you’ve transported your protein powder into your sustainable container at home (like a cleaned out spaghetti jar), reuse the paper bag if it’s not too nasty. I have reused mine 3-4 times, depending on what I use to transport.
“Imagine if everyone did (brought their own containers or bags for bulk items) this when they shopped… we’d be a lot better off!”

– Cashier, Ballard Market, WA

2. Chocolate Magic, PlanetProtein:

Thanks to the handy “plastic-free discussion board” on, I’ve found an alternative, but have yet to receive my shipment! In PlanetProtein’s defense, I think they were low on supplies. Stay tuned (2/2019)!

Comes in a bamboo bag and even includes a bamboo serving spoon!

I’m not a big fan of chocolate powder, but my options are limited so I’m diving in.

3. Shelled hemp seeds.

Tasty nutty flavor and a nutritional power house! Great in smoothies.

4. Chia seeds.

Must try. Another nutritionally-packed power house! Add 1/2 cup of your favorite milk alternative to 3T of chia seeds, let it sit 8-10 mins and discover an incredibly healthy pudding-like snack!

5. Flax seed.

Also great in smoothies and YET ANOTHER nutritional power house!

6. Make your own vegan protein patties. These take some time, but  a good option if you’re so inclined!

5. Eat out! I dig the Happy Cow app for finding great vegan and vegetarian options in my area.

Have any other suggestions for plastic-free vegan protein options?  I’d love to hear all about them!

Bon appetite!

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